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Special Needs

Parents of children with special needs have so many things to consider when addressing the child’s needs throughout the child’s entire life. Raising and caring for a child with special needs does not end when the child becomes an adult, so parents must consider the child’s future needs as they become aging adults. Parents of adult children with intellectual, developmental or physical disabilities must create a care plan for themselves and their children after the parent cannot care for them.

What is Special Needs Planning?

Special Needs Planning is a legal planning process that is essential to any person or family member with a disability. Disabilities can be diagnosed at birth, can be seen in adults or can be caused by illness or injury. Special Needs Planning can occur during life, however, early planning helps ensure that critical public benefits are not jeopardized. Planning at the point of crisis may include fewer options for the present and future needs of a person diagnosed with a disability.

Supplemental and Special Needs Trusts

This type of trust can supplement a disabled loved one’s needs while maintaining their government benefits. It is essential to plan for a loved one with special needs proactively. A special needs trust in Florida can ensure your loved one can live comfortably while still receiving Social Security Income and Medicaid benefits.

Understanding Guardianship for Special Needs in Florida

A guardian can be anyone over the age of 18, this individual will have the legal right to make decisions on behalf of your special needs loved one. The guardian’s responsibilities can be outlined in a special needs trust  to direct the assistance of your special needs loved one in Florida. This guardianship can oversee managing an individual’s assets, assisting with medical treatment decisions and/or guardianship of both assets and a person’s medical decisions.

Writing a Letter of Intent for a Special Needs Loved One

Writing a Letter of Intent (LOI) for your special needs child in Florida can help bring the family continuity and comfort after you are gone. The letter can help guide a trustee, family member, or guardian tasked with the care of your dependent child. A Letter of Intent is not a legal document, but is one of the most important documents a parent can prepare for their special needs child’s future well-being. The letter plays a part in your child’s Special Needs Plan by putting your perspective on their life details. An experienced Florida Special Needs attorney can help execute a letter of intent when planning for a loved one’s needs.

The Life Law Planning Group is here to help you and your loved ones understand Crisis Medicaid PlanningProactive Medicaid and Elder Law PlanningEstate PlanningVeterans Planning and Special Needs Planning.  Our Florida law firm welcomes the opportunity to consult with new clients to learn more about how we can help meet your special needs planning needs.

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